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Lease and Right of Way Acquisitions

Lease and Right of Way Acquisitions including gathering systems, pipe yards, compressor stations, pig/launcher receiver sites, staging areas and layout. We have acquired 40,000+ leases encompassing nearly a million acres in New Prospect areas and have taken modifications in existing Storage Fields. We have prepared the way for over 325 miles of pipeline.

Abstracts for Certification

The Abstract for Certification provides a full accounting of all documents of record affecting a tract or prospect. The Abstract for Certification includes a full document library, indexed by runsheet, prepared to the specification of the Certifying Attorney. Adding value to the final product, Precision integrates the use of secondary sources resulting in accurate identity of lineal decedents substantiated by out of jurisdiction documentation, where necessary. The culmination of the Abstract for Certification is an Ownership Report detailing the identity of the mineral, surface and leasehold ownership, fractional interest credited to each and lease status of mineral examined. Further, the Abstract for Certification reports liens and encumbrances affecting the subject tract, maps depicting unreleased leases of record and well and production records providing a full account of the history and current status of the tract in questions.

Supplemental Abstracts

Beginning from a point in time directed by the client, a Supplemental Abstract provides an update to already existing title information. The Supplemental Abstract is particularly beneficial in the lease renewal or unit development process. The final product will include the updated Ownership Report and supporting documentation, instruments of record, detailed maps and well status reports from a specified date to current.
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